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Raymond F. Hilliard

Profile Updated: October 10, 2011
Residing In: Richmond, VA
Spouse/Partner: Aovicha
Occupation: Professor of English
Children: 2

I spent five years abroad in the 1960s, beginning with a college junior year study in France, and including a year of teaching English in Italy, then of teaching both French and English in the Peace Corps (Nigeria, then Tunisia, then teaching for the Ford Foundation at the University of Algiers for a year). After getting married in 1969, I spent five years in graduate school at the University of Rochester, and since the mid-1970s have been a professor of English at the University of Richmond. My wife and I have two grown children, one male and the other female. No grandchildren yet. I'll probably retire in two years, but since I've never had serious hobbies (other than travel which I love), I worry that I won't adjust well to being deprived of the daily structure and the sense of purposefulness that a job affords.

School Story:

These include the friends I had in those days (among them John Brophy, Fed Hamilton, Don Liang, Bob Landolt and the late Don Smith); the fun of attending out basketball and football games (I missed almost none of these); participation (with Fred Hamilton and a number of guys in the classes ahead of us and behind us) in public speaking and debate (we had a superb coach, Fr. John Quinn, who I believe is still alive); and the good and enduring example set by the selfless young Augustinian friars who taught us.

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